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Our studio believes in the natural beauty of things. Lucia uses the highest quality materials and techniques, ensuring your natural lashes stay healthy and the extensions are longer-lasting.

This is our promise.

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Years of experience behind each treatment.

Quality Materials

NovaLash’s glue is known as “liquid gold.” It’s helped millions of women keep their natural lashes healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.

NovaLash's lash extensions.NovaLash platinum bond adhesive
The studio's waiting area features seating and a TV for entertainment.

Ahead of Your Visit

Lucia services on an appointment-only basis. Learn more about what you can do to prepare for your visit.

Does Lucia offer walk-in appointments?

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Unfortunately, no, and we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Due to demand and limited resources, the studio can only accommodate a set number of clients. Please check our current availability and booking instructions for more information.

What should I do to prepare for my visit?

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We kindly ask clients to arrive with clean eyes with no makeup. Please also refrain from consuming caffeine 2–3 hours before your appointment.

Cancellation & Late Policies

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Clients have a 15-minute grace period after the appointment’s start time. If you are unable to attend at the scheduled time, clients are free to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours’ notice.

Appointments can be modified by texting (425) 686 4646. Canceling within 24 hours will result in 50% of the service price being charged. If no notification is given before the reservation time, the full amount will be charged.

Does Lucia offer walk-in appointments?
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What should I do to prepare for my visit?
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Cancellation & Late Policies
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Superb technique & long lasting

Lucia is meticulous in her work and takes her time with my lashes. Asian lashes can be very difficult to work on, as our lashes are thin and sparse, but she [always] does an amazing job [and makes] my lashes look very full. The best [part] is her lashes last a good 3.5–4 weeks. Prior to Lucia, I was used to having to go every two weeks for a [fill]. Overall, her technique is superb, and you won't find her style anywhere else.

– Nita K.

Clean studio, great service

Lucia has a nice setup that is very clean and professional. She was able to give me full and feathery lashes… none of which have popped off! Her technique with volume lashes makes my [natural] lashes have a dramatic look — that bright-eyed look! I will definitely come back to see her — great service, great price, great quality. She also texts as a form of communication, so she responds very promptly 🙂 6 stars if I could give her that!

– Theresa R.

Natural, long-lasting lashes

I have been to many lash studios on the Eastside, and I agree that Lucia provides the best-looking lashes. I think she uses high quality lashes and glue because my lashes stay on for at least 3 weeks, [while] other studio applications have fallen off within 1–2 weeks. I leave her studio with natural-looking lashes, not the "spidery, criss-crossed" lashes that so many studios seem to apply. I always get complimented on my lashes. I like how they make my eyes appear bigger and brighter. I appreciate that Lucia takes the time to apply them correctly. I highly recommend her! BTW, major bonus points for a studio that is CLEAN, bright, and airy!

– R. R.

Best of the best

I have been doing lashes with Lucia for years — she is the best of the best. Without comparison, I won't say this. I have tried so many other salons, [but] after I tried with Lucia, I just don't want to change again. She has the best techniques, [and] her products are the best quality. She knows what she is doing, plus she is super friendly. Trust me, you definitely have to try with her, you won't regret [it].

– Mindy L.

Healthy natural lashes

Lucia is amazing! I've been seeing her for 4+ years, and my lashes always look incredible. When the pandemic first started, and I wasn't able to get a fill, my lashes all fell out over time. I was really happy to see that my natural lashes still looked full and healthy! With lashes, you definitely get what you pay for, and I always feel that I have gotten an incredible service from her. I get compliments on my lashes non-stop. Lucia is by far the best esthetician I've been to! Her studio is always spotless. I love that there's only one client at a time, and she takes the time [to make] each lash look perfect. She has also NEVER run late. I can't recommend her enough!

– Jessica K.